TSB is an acronym for my pen name on www.puff.com under member reviews for The_Smoked_Blade, Paul being my forename, and A.T.C. ~ All Things Cigar. Why start a cigar blogging site? good question, I suppose I’m just taking into account what my friends have been goading, or suggesting me to do. Even though in all due honesty there must be at least a thousand + other blogs and web pages based around the same concept. Anyway I digress, I’ve been savoring cigars now legitimately for almost eleven years, and I’ve acquired quite a palette and distinct sense of smell, precise enough to tell what particular region, a certain tobacco originated from.

But why cigarpsychology? well why not? given the stigma’s that abound us, the cigar loving populous and greater world out there. There may as well be a middle ground, however I’ll leave that for someone else to breach. I’m here f0r one reason and one reason only, Cigars and their various inherent qualities, both pleasant and unpleasant. I won’t pull punches, I will mention that I abhor anything produced by Te-Amo; as for Te-Amo’s well, I’ve tried a few sticks here and there over the years, but let’s be honest…they’re an in-veritable joke (like I said I’m not going to pull any punches…).

I’m just another needle in an overwhelmingly massive and growing hay pile.

– TSB_Paul’s A.T.C.