Today we have an exclusive release only available to Davidus Cigars in Maryland, Rocky Patel’s Vintage 2003 Cameroon Perfecto; this little one boasts the following dimensions 4.5″ by 40/46/32 ring gauges as a petite salomone. DC RP Exclusive 1 In this facing, the blend goes from its baseline medium-bodied cigar to a medium-full bodied cigar from start to finish. The retail price is $6.99, and a twenty count box at 118.99; this is strong competitor to Arturo Fuente’s Hemingway Short Story albeit that the latter is a mild-medium bodied cigar. However, in kind with the Short Story, the Perfecto offers a pleasant array of flavors ranging from a creamy caramel to a touch jicama, to a sweet and spicy cinnamon. Also differing from the Short Story there is a Nicaraguan binder, and choice Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers aged for eight years.

DC RP Exclusive 2

This cropped photo of the guillotined head shows some spacing in the tripa (better known to most as filler) and presents a very loose draw, even through the narrow 32rg foot. DC RP Exclusive 3 DC RP Exclusive 4 The toasted foot reveals hints of ginger, celery, saffron, and sweet potatoes; DC RP Exclusive 5 from the lit draw comes hints of scallions, parsnips, rye bread, chutney, and bittersweet chocolate. I will be blunt, prior to first trying this particular vitola, I had never liked this facing; I however attribute my enjoyment of this cigar due to its physical dimensions.

DC RP Exclusive 6
A mere five minutes into the cigar and I’m already a half inch in, I attribute this to the loose draw, fantastic nasal aroma while I’m typing this out with the cigar in the crook of my mouth; DC RP Exclusive 7 cashews, caramel, allspice, and a subtle hint of anise waft past my nose, in between breaths.

DC RP Exclusive 8 The perfecto burns quite evenly, and shows little to no presence of ligero, though it does show the looseness of the ash, which does not flake off mid-draw. Albeit a fast burner even on a slow and seldom draw, it does amp up in body intensity roughly around the halfway mark with jicama, leeks, hickory, a presence of yellow peppers, vanilla, and touch of sea salt. The aftertaste is a pleasant combination of espresso beans and toffee. And lasts roughly thirty-fifty minutes if you take it slow

Davidus Cigars got a real winner here from Rocky Patel, this cigar can be appreciated by neophyte to connoisseurs alike, offering a complex mild-full body and mild strength, at an extraordinarily reasonable price point; the body is highly comparable to a La Flor Dominicana Cameroon Cabinet. Yeah, it is that good! DC RP Exclusive 9

Reviewed in Clermont, Florida on 2/9/14 for Davidus Cigars, and courtesy of David & Steve Castro.