Today in a brief presentation, I bring you a creation of Les Drent the founder of the Kauai Cigar Company who has been in the business since 2006; and who dreams to create a Hawaiian Puro dubbed the “Grand Alii”.

Situated near Mount Makaleha is Les’ plantation, with three Faces currently being rolled, two of which are meant more so for us mainlanders “Makalenha” and “Hawaiian Vintage”; these faces boast a Hawaiian organically grown Sumatran leaf for the capa. The binder and fillers are if Nicaraguan origin, from Oliva. The Momona (which means Sweet & Fat) is something in-between a Robusto and a Toro, weighing in at 5.75″x50/64″ ring gauge. The other face, Island Prince boast capa’s from Oliva, and are bunched with tobaccos solely from Les’ plantation.

The Momona is a medium-full bodied cigar with a medium strength profile, the Hawaiian Sumatra smells unlike any other cigar I’ve ever come across. It smokes like a dream, burns evenly; you’d think you were smoking something of Cuban origin.

Purely Divine.

Available directly from Kauai Cigar Company

Purchased from Corona Cigars on Sand Lake Drive on January 31st for $10.00 before sales tax.