Since cigar legend Christian Luis Eiroa returned to the forefront of tobacciana in 2012 from his former company Camacho (now a subsidiary of the Davidoff Group) with a cigar company under the acronym CLE much alike CAO. Christian’s tobaccos primarily hail from Honduras, with secondary front mark’s Asylum (Nicaragua), and Wynwood (Miami) the focal point of this long overdue review. CLE Cigar Company is based out of Miami (the penultimate melting pot of the industry).

Today’s target cigar is the Wynwood Petite Robusto a 4.5″ by 50/64 of an inch ring-gauge; more about the cigar’s history before we delve into the blend, Wynwood was co-developed by Mr. Eiroa and Robert Caldwell of Hotel Humidor, and is veritable celebration of Miami’s Wynwood Art District, which is actually represented by the quasi-Art Deco band.


Now time to get to the nitty gritty as it were, the blend from capa to filler is comprised of what I believe to be a Honduran Jamastran Sungrown Connecticut wrapper (based on its scent and taste, and inherently golden brown color, it’s less so a shade, and more so a Sungrown Connecticut, I determined it to be this as an Ecuadorian Connecticut would yield a distinct taste of salt of which was absent here). Both the binder and fillers are of Honduran origin, but much akin to the CLE Serie cigars the specifics are of a proprietary nature. One additional note of interest is the triple cap on the head


The wrapper smells of chutney, cornmeal, fennel, ginger, lime grass, and wheat grass; it tastes however of hickory, honey (very subtly), paprika, pesto, and white peppercorns. The pre-light draw is offers ideal resistance yet is still yielding; and it tastes of oats, rose hips, and wheat.


The toasted foot yields hints of cinnamon, fennel, ginger, roasted almonds, and vanilla extract.

Right off the bat from the initial lighting delivers a complicated bouquet of hints consisting of anise, mustard seeds, hickory, wasabi, caramelized onions, okra, thyme, lime zests, and challah. The smoke off the exhale smells of caramel, jalapeños, mesquite, and thyme. The scent of the smoke emanating from the foot in between draws, is quite pleasant, and yields hints of persimmons, wheat, cashews, and caramelizing sugar.


The ash is primarily a grayish white, and relatively solid from appearances sake. The smoke is a wispy yet dense white in presence.


Thirty minutes in since initial and only light, roughly three quarters of an inch in on this almost diminutive robusto, and it would be fair to declare it medium body, as for its strength well I’ve yet to determine that just yet. This is a cigar that could definitely foresee a potential box purchase of, if not this facing then perhaps its corona offering at 5.5″ by 46/64″ of an inch ring-gauge.

Back to the review.


Not the best cigar to attempt a long-ash contest with, during the five minutes I let the cigar rest for during my prior paragraph the cigar was still ablaze, however the ash gave up the ghost.


At the one third mark, now some forty five minutes in the body remains a consistent medium, and the strength presents itself as mild-medium.


The present cone is not one from ligero, but the slightly precarious burn (due to the light breezes where I’m doing this review). On the plus side, there haven’t been any significant canoes or any spotting. The Wynwood is definitely more medium in body than a Camacho Connecticut, however it is a more pleasant and balanced cigar. It boasts an equally sweet and spicy profile. Its price isn’t overwhelming for what it is, a super-premium cigar at sub-premium price.


This blend is brilliant, this facing depending on the enthusiast will last anywhere between forty-five minutes to an hour and a half (I guess for me it’s the latter).

Purchased from Davidus Cigars on Rockville Pike, Rockville MD, 20852. On January 13th, 2013 with an individual price of $8.39.