Physics on a blog with a primary emphasis on Psychology… What must he be thinking. Well I get one particular question a lot, why is my cigar “exploding” the capa (wrapper flaking off), I pondered a bit; and I came to the conclusion that it was thermal expansion. Have you ever noticed that while you’re savoring your cigar that it may begin to bulge near the foot? Well I have, as we smoke our cigars the excess heat drawn in from the lit foot causes the filler in the bunch to expand; if one draws faster than what the binder and wrapper can handle, we’ll see the exterior leaves begin to rupture.

If one draws at a slower pace and allows the cigar to rest before going out a bit, the tobaccos will cool down just enough to prevent overt thermal expansion and thusly preventing the unwanted rupturing. Doing this can also prevent a plugged draw midway into the cigar, when the foot is really hot from several draws in a minute the ember blazoned foot will get too hot to burn the tobacco; just slow down so the ember may cool a bit; and with that you’ll be smoking a well burning cigar.

Savor, and enjoy.