New from J&D Cigar Co. their latest production cigar Allure, available in two capas, an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade and an Ecuadorian Habano. The binder is an undisclosed Nicaraguan leaf; the filler is composed of Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa Valley tobaccos. In addition, is presented in a single vitola, a 6″ by 52 Torpedo offered in bundles of twenty-five for the fair sum of seventy-five dollars. As for today’s review, I will be reviewing the Habano capa Allure.




The Ecuadorian capa resembles more a Colorado than a Habano, as noted by an abject lack of oiliness on the leaf, as well as Rosado to mocha pigmentation of the leaf itself. The capa yields hints of alum salt, cucumbers, chutney, hickory, leather, sulfur, and thyme; and tastes of chicory, jalapeños, and sea salt.



The toasted foot yields hints of buttermilk, cacao, cocoa, fennel, lapsang souchong tea, mesquite, oolong tea, and white chocolate. A tight yet giving draw yields a singular flavor of muted cinnamon.



The wispy bluish-white smoke contrails coming off the foot smell of habanero peppers, licorice, mahogany, oregano, and whole black peppercorns; the lit draw leaves a subtle tingling on my lips, and the smoke gives of hints of bakers chocolate, ground black and white peppercorns, horse radishes, jalapeños, mesquite, tarragon, and Turkish coffee. The smoke from afar is far more pleasant, with hints of challah, hazelnuts, lime zests, and sugar cane.



The salt and pepper contrasted ash rings with due exception to the start in one millimeter wavy bands; three quarters of an inch in, ten minutes post lighting and the strength rings true as full, the body too is full.



The ligero cone at the five-inch mark is present, no noticeable transition in the body or hints is present at the twenty-minute mark, I will give this some more time to develop, I hope.



Unfortunately, the cigar never escapes its singular dimensionality; however, it does offer an abundance of power more so than a Cain F ‘654’ at roughly a third to half the price plus one. An alluring scent is present and while the price and strength too are alluring, the Allure is subtly dulled out by the absence of transition in the blend itself; no general transition of body to make the experience far more pleasurable. Regardless for the price, you are getting quite the bargain.


Courtesy of David Insigares of J&D Cigar Co.,, reviewed on 4/2/2012.