The Fausto is a rehashed blend dutifully exact to the original T-110 (Thermonuclear was its nickname) micro blend which was made for Hawaii’s R. Fields Wine Company, a capa is an Ecuadorian Habano Maduro with a bunch constructed solely of ligero tobaccos from Esteli and possibly the Condega Valley as well. The 140 starts off with an almost blindingly spicy start for the first half inch to which it suddenly mellows and begins to taste like a combination of the Cabaiguan and original El Triunfador, which makes it wickedly delicious and oh so creamy; however do be mindful that this is a duplicitously full bodied and full strength cigar.

The tobaccos grown in the region of Esteli, as noted by the voracious power of the Fausto; unlike the T-110, the Fausto series is regular production cigar in a variety of parejo-based sizes, though there is also a limited production size released once each year dubbed Avion that is in limited production each respective year. For the initial release in 2011, the Avion’s first incarnation was/is a petite salomone spanning roughly 6.75″ and a variable ring gauge ranging from 48-52-44, the latter r.g. is purely speculative as I’ve not yet cracked open a box that I bought from the Corona Cigar Company on Lake Wood Drive in Orlando. This Fausto in particular cost me 8.25$, I bought two of the 140’s, one for myself and another for a friend’s upcoming birthday. The box cost me a mere 180$, a mere pittance for such a fantastic cigar, if it is anything like its regular production brethren. The 140 is a 5.5″ by 52-ring gauge robusto extra.

As I finish this microview of Pete Johnson’s on-going legacy with the maestro tabaquero Jose “Don Pepin” Garcia and his equally capable son Jaime, I’m down to the final inch and half of this Fausto which I must say is leaving me wanting more, and I hope that my Avion’s will do this justly.

Purchased from the Corona Cigar Co. on February 6th for 8.25$ before sales tax.