The American Classic Blend is the latest release from the award winning team behind/of Alec Bradley cigars; the American Classic blend is built with a Honduran grown Connecticut Shade capa, a Nicaraguan Jalapa Valley binder, and fillers from Nicaragua's Condega and Esteli regions. Today's review focuses upon the 6.125"x52rg torpedo. This front mark is quite easy on the billfold.



The grainy toothed Connecticut shade capa yields hints of butter cream, chestnuts, cinnamon, hickory, orange zests, sea salt, and vanilla extract; the capa tastes of asparagus, sea salt, white chocolate, and white peppercorns.



The toasted foot smells of almonds, alum, collard greens, jalapeños, molasses, and thyme.



From the lit foot come hints of 65% cacao, caramel, cocoa, fresh fennel, mahogany, paprika, persimmons, tarragon, and wheat grass. Off the nose I pick up on anise, celery, sea salt, and white chocolate.



The ash is predominantly gray in color with occasional blotches of white, grainy in texture, and rings in one to two millimeter bands.


Having already savored around a dozen of these vitolas, I can tell you that these are extremely mild in body and in strength.


Roughly one inch in, off the nose I'm picking up sweet hints of mocha and vanilla beans.



A minute cone of ligero is present just under the five inch mark some fifteen minutes or so in.



Forty minutes in, halfway through the torpedo, it's perfect as a first of the day cigar to an end of the night cigar an ideal front mark for any type of savorer.




Purchased from Davidus Cigars on Rockville Pike, 20852; for 4.85$ before sales tax (6%).