From the award winning Berger (bur-ger) & Argenti Cigar Co., comes the new Mooch Maduro ‘Windbag’ (Churchill) with their mock newspaper regarding the Cuban embargo act.

The borderline Oscuro like Nicaraguan Maduro capa, with a Jalapa Valley binder, and Estelian filler; tastes of anise, cocoa, cumin, mahogany, oregano, sea salt, tarragon, and white peppercorns; and smells of almonds, chili peppers, dried fennel, mesquite, mocha, and sea salt.

From the toasted foot come hints of apple peels, anise, caramel, cocoa, green peppers, mesquite, sea salt, thyme, and white chocolate.

Hints of alum, anise, dill, jalapeños, persimmons, wheat grass, off of the lit draw. The ash is predominantly gray with occasional spots of white, and is loose in consistency.

The construction on this particular Windbag is poor, the cigar is canoeing all over the place, and the draw is quite poor.

By far a rather disappointing cigar, out of the three that I had, this last one, is poor at best, the other two were phenomenal, medium-full body, medium strength, with ample ligero cones; with ash of salt & pepper complexion, and even burns.