From its debut at this year’s IPCPR show in Vegas, and the latest product from Joe Torres and Los Blancos Cigars, come the Los Blancos Nine JT Limitado, a 6.25″x58 super toro, this is a true straight ligero cigar, as it is wholly 100% ligero from capa to filler. The capa is a Nicaraguan Habano ligero leaf, bound in a proprietary Nicaraguan ligero leaf, and the bunch is comprised from ligeros from Condega, Esteli, and Jalapa valley’.

The capa smells of apricots, basil, 85% cacao, cloves, dill, fresh fennel, mesquite, persimmons, sea salt, and thyme; the capa tastes of allspice, butter cream, 60% cacao,  caramel, curry powder, dill, espresso beans, ginger root, hickory, mahogany, marzipan, mesquite, molasses, orange zests, oregano, paprika, tarragon, thyme, yellow peppers, and white peppercorns.

The toasted foot smells of caramel, ginger, hazelnut, mesquite, mocha, persimmons, toasted challah, and white chocolate.

From the lit foot come hints of alum salt, cumin, dried fennel, green bell peppers, oak, and wheat grass; across the nose from the bone white smoke come hints of apple vinegar, 90% cacao, paprika, sea salt, and white peppercorns.

A half-inch in after a mere twenty minutes, the draw is rather tight, and the burn is extraordinarily slow given the sheer nature of the cigar being constructed solely out of ligero; it burns extremely hot and presents an overtly noticeable cone of ligero which pretty much goes without saying.

The JT Limitado has a pleasant room aroma with hints of apricots, caramel, cocoa, ginger, mesquite, sharp cheddar, and white peppercorns; however that’s as pleasant as it gets, due to the unappealing lackluster draw, I surmise that this is due to it’s gordo ring gauge, perhaps in a smaller ring gauge it might perform better (though even then I doubt it, given the combustion point of ligero, let alone one hundred percent ligero.

Suffice to say, the JT Limitado Nine is a great concept vitola, however as a limited production full bodied and penultimate full strength cigar, it’s just a poor performer; as it’s too dense, though it may last for several hours, upwards of four hours. I’ll be sticking with the standard Nine’s as they are smoke-able and enjoyable.