San Lotano Requiem comes from the heralded tabaquero A.J. Fernandez, known for CI’s Diesel, Man O’ War, etc., this is one of a few releases not limited solely to Meier & Dutch. The thirty year old Abdel Yosef Fernandez released San Lotano in 2010 across three capas, an Ecuadorian Connecticut seed, yet full bodied and four box pressed faces, a Brazilian grown Habano seed capa and is the true powerhouse amongst the three capas also available in four faces (today’s the toro), and lastly a medium bodied San Andres Morron capa also across four box pressed faces. The Habano starts off for the first half as the aforementioned powder keg, and becomes slightly mellower on the latter half; the rest of the blend consists of a Honduran binder, and a tri-country bunch consisting of Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan tobaccos; the Toro is a 6″x54rg parejo.

The finely toothed Habano capa smells faintly of agave, aloe juice, alum, anise, butternut squash, cedar, cocoa, curry, ginger, hazelnuts, mesquite, oak, sea salt, and sweet potatoes; the capa tastes of cocoa, ginger, thyme, and vanilla beans. The draw is completely effortless; there is a slight tingling on my lips from the capa.

The toasted foot smells of curry, dill, fresh fennel, ginger, manure, mocha, thyme, and white chocolate.

From the lit foot comes hints of anise, 70% cacao, cinnamon, dried fennel, mesquite, nutmeg, oregano, saffron, tarragon, thyme, and white peppercorns; the chalk white smoke smells of jalapeños and saffron.

The firm salt & pepper ash rings in coarse one to two millimeter bands, approximately a half inch in some fifteen minutes in; the body at this point yields hints of chili peppers, cracked black and white peppercorns, jalapeños, mesquite, pomegranates, sea salt, thyme, and a subtle touch of white chocolate.

From the recently tapped off ash reveals a slight cone of ligero at the five inch mark, roughly thirty minutes in. Based on the consistent tingling on my lips leads me to place the strength solely at full, the body at this point too is full in nature. The smoke at the five inch mark smells sweetly of cocoa, mocha, and vanilla extract.

Aside from the tingling, I taste butter and sea salt on my lips from the capa.

Nearing the four inch mark at forty-five minutes in and some of the kick is letting up with hints of cashews, cinnamon, corn meal, dill, fennel, ginger, Madeira, molasses, persimmons, sugar cane, thyme, and vanilla beans, and wheat.

The San Lotano Requiem is a vastly dynamic blend, extremely flavorful, and most certainly not for the weak of palate; the price point is extremely well priced for such a dynamically blended cigar, if you’re brick and mortar doesn’t carry the Requiems’ ask them to.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars on Rockville Pike, 20852 on June 8th for 7.40$ before sales tax (6%).