From The Cigar Agency the company that fathered the Hammer + Sickle cigar frontmark, came out with a limited production run of a thousand marble boxes, of which contain twenty vitolas each of which were produced in Danli, Honduras (Camacho). This special blend of a Honduran Criollo capa, a Honduran Habano binder, and a bi-country bunch consisting of Dominican Navarette and Honduran Jamastran tobaccos; were developed to honor the fall of the Berlin Wall ~ Berliner Mauer which stood from 1961 through to it’s fall in 1989, as noted on their solid copper bands. The faces range from a 7″x48rg Churchill, a 5″x50rg Robusto, and a 6″x52rg Toro. The Berliner Mauer is a dead of center medium bodied blend, and are medium in strength as well.

The Criollo capa has a slight oily sheen, and has hints of butter, cashews, cinnamon, cocoa, hazelnuts, hickory, tarragon, and white peppercorns. The draw is completely effortless and tastes of currants, hickory, molasses, thyme, and white chocolate.

The toasted foot smells sweetly of butter cream, cashews, cinnamon, cocoa, hazelnuts, ginger, mesquite, nutmeg, ouzo, pomegranates, sea salt, tangerines, and white chocolate.

From the lit draw come hints of alum, anise, 65% cacao, cumin, fresh fennel, green bell peppers, mesquite, tarragon, white chocolate, and white peppercorns.

The salt and pepper ash bands in one to two millimeter bands, and yields a cloud white smoke, with hints of cedar, orange zests, tangerines, and white chocolate.

The ligero cone is most likely apart of the Jamastran tobaccos, though some may be from the Navarette tobaccos as well.

The ash could be sturdier under the proper conditions the ash will be rigid i.e. properly humidified.

Roughly an inch and a half down some forty-five minutes in the hints shift with cedar, cocoa, curry, kale, mesquite, paprika, persimmons, thyme, and white chocolate.

The body and strength are purportedly medium and are indeed so.

This dynamic blend is incredible, thanks to blender and owner Christian Eiroa of Camacho Cigars for making the Berliner Mauer such a success just as “Henkie” Kelner of Davidoff who blended the La Habana Tradicion Serie and Moscow City limited production.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars on Rockville Pike 20852, on May 6th for $7.95 before sales tax (6%).