In 2010 the J.C. Newman family released a project that took five years to develop, and the frontmark’s name bares that of their heralded founder & progenitor Julius Caesar Newman, in commemoration of J.C.’s late 135th birthday and the companies’ 115th year anniversary. The JC’s come in four faces, a 7.25″x52rg Churchill, a 6.5″x52rg Pyramid, a 4.75″x52 Robusto, and a 6″x52rg Toro (today’s review). The blend consists of a Cuban seed Ecuadorian Sungrown capa, with proprietary binder and fillers, of which were aged for five years.

The velvety smooth Ecuadorian capa, and smells of alum salt, chicory, cumin, dill, nutmeg, oak, sea salt, tangerine zests, and thyme. The draw is tight yet capable; the capa tastes of asparagus, chestnuts, honey, poppies, rock salt, and white peppercorns.

The toasted foot has hints of challah, cinnamon, curry, green peppers, mocha, molasses, saffron, and vanilla extract.

From the lit draw come hints of basil, butter cream, chutney, dried fennel, mahogany, tarragon, and water chestnuts.

The primarily white ash is banding in un-uniform one to three millimeter bands, and yields a paper white smoke with hints of chestnuts and molasses.

This is the fourth Julius Caesar that I’ve smoked (not savored, due to its rather green body) though this toro has been given a mere three months or so of age and has been the most dynamic Caesar that I’ve had yet.

At the five inch mark some thirty minutes in, after tapping off the ash, has revealed a pronounced cone of ligero; additionally here at this length there is a subtle shift in the body hints with churned butter, cashews, cedar chips, cinnamon, cocoa, horseradishes, hickory, molasses, pralines, rye, and wheat.

I’m actually liking this cigar for the first time, they just need significant age for the tobaccos to marry properly, as they start out of the box rather green, for a cigar that’s been in development for half a decade it was poorly executed for something that was designated to be a memoriam release, and fails to achieve the laurels of the DCM, Gridiron Greats, or Stanford’s 90th. Though the box presentation is quite nice in black leather bound boxes.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars on Rockville Pike, 20852 on February 14th for 14.30$ before sales tax (6%).