One of the latest creations from Perdomo, the new Reserve Champagne Noir, in a debuting size of a gordo dubbed the “Super Toro” a 6″x60rg Nicaraguan puro. Wrapped in a twenty month aged, triple fermented Nicaraguan grown Cuban seed maduro capa (aged in bourbon barrels for six months, which bares similarity with the La Aurora Barrel Aged frontmark), bound and filled with proprietary Nicaraguan tobaccos some of which are potentially Estelli ligeros. Packaged in twenty-five count Spanish Cedar (Mahogany variant) boxes; and touted as being medium-full bodied.

The grainy maduro capa has scents of 75% cacao, currants, dried fennel, mesquite, mint leafs, and white peppercorns; the capa tastes of alum salt, chutney, cilantro, ground mustard seeds, jalapeños, molasses, saffron, and white chocolate.

The toasted foot has hints of anise, 85% cacao, cinnamon, cumin, dill, hickory, mahogany, and toasted challah. The draw by cross cutting via means of a Xikar VX V-cutter is tight, yet yielding.

From the lit draw come hints of anise, cocoa, curry, fennel, ginger, hickory, lettuce, nutmeg, paprika, persimmons, sea salt, tarragon, wheat grass, and white peppercorns.

The grainy, rigid, salt & pepper ash is ringing, albeit in wavy one millimeter bands. The smoke is chalk white in color and smells of green bell peppers, oregano, and sea salt.

Roughly an inch in, twenty minutes post lighting, after accidentally dropping the cigar on my shirt and remarkably not melting a hole in it (silk) I took a picture of the Noir’s pronounced ligero cone.

While I’m not remotely keen on gordo sized cigars, I am however greatly pleased by this dynamic blend, and would love to see how this would play out in a 7″x38rg lancero/panatela; which would be a first for Perdomo. Though it’s highly unlikely to happen since the modus operandi is to develop cigars within which the general public (US populous) would smoke.

Approaching the four inch mark, roughly forty minutes post light, the hints’ shift towards butter cream, celery, cocoa, coconut water, fresh fennel, honey, mesquite, tangerines, and thyme. The body most certainly is categorized as being full, while the strength is medium.

The Noir is a pleasantly bold new addition to the Perdomo lineup, its debuting face however is a bit on the larger end of the spectrum of parejos, a trend (gordo’s) that needs to go into hibernation in my opinion. Otherwise it’s a very dynamic multi-dimensional cigar with ample oomph, and a satisfactory body that can please even a medium bodied cigar savorer.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars on Rockville Pike, 20852 on May 24th for 7.95$ before sales tax (6%).