The Z-Class is a game changer for the Zino Platinum series; the Z-Class has a similar profile to the Avo LE-85, the exception being in the bunch, more specifically the filler minus the Visus, Vincente, Piloto’s, etc with Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos in addition to the Dominican tobacco; presented in twenty count tins, in a variety of vitolas today’s of which is the 654Toro.

The Dominican Sungrown capa smells faintly of anise, caramel, curry, fennel, ginger, mocha, oregano, sea salt, and white chocolate. The capa tastes of alum salt, cinnamon, cumin, dill, nutmeg, pomegranates, and sugar beets.

The recently toasted foot smells of caramel, challah, cinnamon, hickory, mesquite, ouzo, vanilla extract, and white peppercorns.

Construction of the Z-Class leaves a lot to be desired as this toro is canoeing off the bat, and the blend offers very little in the way of notable body on the palette. The ash is a cloud white in color and flaky at best in rigidity, with no ring formation. The smoke across my nose has hints of butter cream, dark chocolate, fresh fennel, mahogany, oak, thyme, and sea salt.

For lack of better words, the Z-Class presents well, and performs poorly at best, in other words it’s an epic fail, being medium in both body and strength, wholly one dimensional, and burns highly inconsistently (more often than naught going out, as I’ve encountered on prior 654 Toro’s. Suffice to say I’ll be ending this review in utter disappointment, especially for a Henke blend.

Acquired from my biological father on my thirtieth birthday on May 18th, from Davidus Cigars on Rockville Pike, 20852 for 12.95$ before sales tax (6%).