The 50 Years’ marks the advent frontmark for the Torano’s exodus from Castro’s Cuba; released in 2009 as the name suggests it was the fiftieth year since the Torano’s set up shop in Danli, Honduras and Estelli, Nicaragua. The 50 Year much akin to the Gold and Silver Exodus frontmarks are also box pressed; the 50 comes adorned in a Brazilian Araparica capa, bound with a proprietary Honduran leaf, filled with Nicaraguan tobaccos from the regions of Estelli and Pueblo Nuevo; the Torpedo is a 5.5″x52rg figurado.

The Araparica capa smells of cedar, cinnamon, espresso, fresh fennel, manure, nutmeg, and thyme; the capa tastes of chutney, cumin, ginger, jalapeños, mocha, oregano, and white peppercorns.

The toasted foot smells of caramel, currants, ginger, mocha, nutmeg, and white chocolate.

From the lit foot come hints of butter cream, 65% cacao, cumin, espresso grounds, hickory, mahogany, paprika, tangerines, tarragon, vanilla extract, and white chocolate. The cloud white smoke smells of cashews, cocoa, dill, and sea salt.

The salt & pepper ash is ringing in one millimeter bands and appears to be rather dense.

A noticeable cone of ligero from the recently tapped foot at the four inch mark, some thirty minutes post lighting. The hints around this mark include anise, cedar, cocoa, coffee Cubano, curry powder, green bell peppers, Madeira, molasses, oregano, paprika, saffron, vanilla beans, and white peppercorns.

At the three inch mark, some fifty minutes in, there are hints of black peppercorns, curry powder, espresso grounds, mocha, saffron, thyme, and white chocolate. This leads my palate to determine that the body is medium-full, and so too is the strength.

The Exodus 50 Years’ is the penultimate cigar from Carlos and Charles Toraño, showing the truest testament of a tabacalera superior to even their 2008 Tribute frontmark.

A gift from my folks from Corona Cigars.