Debuting at the IPCPR show in NOLA in 2010 by Gurkha as one of two offerings in honor of U.S. Special Forces, and a second specifically for the Navy SEALs (and solely for their own and not the public). The Spec Ops is presented in a generic thirty count ballistic grade travel humidor, a Gurkha challenge coin, and a cheaply made knock-off (as per it’s spray paint Tetsudo finish, off placed Geo-Camo, improperly designed glass breaker, chrome instead of powder black bolsters on the leg sheathe, etc.) of an Extrema Ratio knife called Venom, along with twenty 7.25″x54rg Double Coronas. These Double Corona’s have Connecticut Broadleaf capa, a Nicaraguan binder, and straight proprietary Dominican filler; They did require age upon receiving them, as they tasted rather green (immature), though recently I’ve had two, and was quite pleased with them.

The Broadleaf capa smells sweetly of caramel, cinnamon, currants, green bell peppers, mesquite, sea salt, and sugar cane; the capa has a fine grain to the touch. The Broadleaf tastes faintly of alum, cedar, and mahogany; the Spec Ops is one of those cigars in which the binder and filler afford the abundance of flavor.

The toasted foot smells strongly of anise, butter cream, 65% cacao, coffee Cubano, currants, fresh fennel, ginger, nutmeg, ouzo, paprika, and red bell peppers.

The lit cigar tastes of cocoa, cumin, dill, fennel, jalapeños, mesquite, thyme, and white peppercorns; the cloud white smoke smells of green peppers, oak, and white chocolate.

The grainy, flaky, solid, salt & pepper ash is ringing in one to two millimeter bands.

As you can see from cracked capa, it’s thinner than an onion skin (thinner than the Cameroon capa on the Partagas 160’s), and is most likely a first priming. The SO’s were a rushed production, as the immature blend can attest to; thusly the marriage of tobaccos failed to go full circle, suffice to say this frontmark speaks volumes to a product which ought to have been shelved. Though don’t get me wrong they are quite tasty given age and quite pleasant across the palate and the nose.

Roughly an inch down, thirty minutes post-lighting, the body rears up with hints of cinnamon, curry powder, espresso grounds, fennel, habanero peppers, hickory, mustard seeds, paprika, sea salt, and white peppercorns; the body is medium-full, the strength is dead medium.

Around the five inch mark the cigar exploded…due to humidity shifts, it’s currently at the four inch mark, roughly an hour and a half in. And due to the explosive expansion of the blend I’ll cut the review short here.

Purchased from Corona Cigars for 159.95$ before shipping, which arrived on October 11th, 2010.