A return to Colorado by means of Casa Magna, in the form of 8.25″x40rg Gran Lancero; bearing a triple cap and short pigtail, and a shaggy foot.

The Nicaraguan grown Colorado capa smells of alum, anise, cinnamon, ginger, manure, mesquite, saffron, sea salt, and white peppercorns; the finely toothed capa tastes of alum, apricots, black peppercorns, dill, fresh fennel, hickory, mahogany, nutmeg, oregano, and paprika.

Due to the shag foot, I’ll bypass the usual toasting, and proceed directly to lighting.

The abundance of bone white smoke emanating from the foot is bearing a salt & pepper ash ringing in one to two millimeter bands smells of anise, cedar, and currants. From the lit foot comes a varying array of hints including chutney, curry powder, dried fennel, espresso grounds, molasses, saffron, sea salt, thyme, vanilla extract, and white peppercorns.

It looks and draws like perfection, courtesy of Manuel Quesada and Nestor Plasencia for coming together on this joint project, and more specifically for conceiving this magnificent Lancero.

Approximately an inch in, roughly ten minutes post lighting on a slow paced draw, this vitola ought to last up to seventy-five minutes sparing an inch; or eighty minutes sparing a half-inch nub. Though with the hints at the one inch mark consisting of caramel, cedar, coffee Cubano, green peppers, mocha, parsley, thyme, and white chocolate; and the smoke being drawn in feeling cool on the lips.

At the seven inch mark, twenty-five minutes in, with hints of butter cream, caramel, chutney, dill, hickory, mesquite, oregano, pemmican, sea salt, tarragon, and white peppercorns; and the smoke smells of caramel, jalapeños, molasses, and sea salt.

At the six inch mark, thirty-five minutes in, the body ranges from medium-full, and the strength is dead medium.

Four and a half inches remain at fifty-five minutes post lighting, suffice to say this will go the distance.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars on Rockville Pike, 20852 on March 17th for 13.50$ before tax (6%).