The AF-1 Series by Emilio Cigars is named after Gary Griffith’s good friend Abdel J. (Yosef) Fernandez, whom also blends these in Estelli Nicaragua. Wrapped in a San Andres Morron capa, proprietary Nicaraguan binder and filler; available in twenty count cabinets, across four vitolas, a robusto, toro (6″x52rg, and today’s spotlight review), torpedo, and a super toro dubbed the BMF (6″x58rg).

The overtly grainy Morron capa, smells of apricots, coffee Cubano, manure, sea salt, and vanilla extract, the capa tastes of alum, anise, caramel, espresso beans, molasses, pemmican, rhubarb, and white peppercorns. The draw is tight and effortless.

The toasted foot yields hints of challah, cinnamon, coffee Cubano, ginger, hazelnuts, nutmeg, okra, persimmons, toasted rye, and white chocolate.

From the lit foot comes 75% cacao, chutney, cocoa, ground espresso beans, hickory, kiln dried cedar, mesquite, mocha, pomegranates, sea salt, tarragon, white chocolate, and white peppercorns (so delicious that you’d want to eat the cigar). From smoke across the nose come hints of anise, cocoa, espresso, mocha, paprika, and wheat.

The smoke being cloud white in color, and the ash a rigid salt & pepper color contrast.

The ash is ringing in one to two millimeter bands.

There is a subtle, but not a drastic canoe around the one inch mark, some ten minutes in.

A pronounced ligero cone from the recently tapped ash and the burn is leveling out. A shift in hints with flavors of apricots, 80% cacao, celery, fresh fennel, jalapeños, mahogany, orange zests, tarragon, sea salt, and white peppercorns. All of this at forty minutes in, at the four and a half inch mark on a quick yet steady draw.

The AF-1 is medium-full bodied, and medium in strength, and the toro will last you a good two hours, this is a masterful blend, ask your local brick & mortar shop to carry these cigars.

Courtesy of Gary Griffith & Emilio Cigars.