The La Aurora 107, marks the one hundred seventh anniversary cigar, with an Ecuadorian wrapper as found on the 1903 Emerald line, a Dominican binder, and a mix of long filler Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. Today’s review covers the stout 6.25″x52rg Belicoso.

The Ecuadorian Sun Grown capa smells sweetly of anise, cinnamon, 70% cacao, cumin, ginger, mesquite, molasses, persimmons, and saffron; and tastes of butternut squash, coffee Cubano, English toffee, fresh fennel, hickory, pemmican, and white peppercorns.

The toasted foot smells of caramel, coffee Cubano, espresso beans, nutmeg, oregano, toasted rye, and vanilla beans.

From the lit draw come hints of black peppercorns, cumin, currants, dill, dried fennel, hickory, mahogany, paprika, and sea salt.

The bone white smoke smells of nutmeg, paprika, and thyme.

The grainy, solid salt and pepper ash is ringing in one to two millimeter bands.

Down an inch at the five inch mark, some thirty minutes in and there are hints of apricots, black peppercorns, currants, curry powder, ground espresso beans, jalapeño peppers, mocha, paprika, tarragon, toasted challah, and white chocolate.

The body ranges from mild-full; the strength is dead on medium.

The ash is now ringing in one millimeter bands; and the smoke smells of caramel and molasses.

At the four inch mark, some hour and a half in and draw slows with hints of bell peppers, dill, fennel, mesquite, oak, peat, and tarragon.

And there it is, the ligero cone, hiding away until the end. This Belicoso is a beauty, and dedication to a hundred and seven years of tobacianna.

Gifted to me by my folks while they were at Corona Cigars.