The Temptation Lancero by J & D Cigar Co., is a 7.5×38 Ecuadorian Habano Claro capa, bound by a proprietary Nicaraguan binder, and Nicaraguan filler; and is capped off with a pigtail flourished head.

The velvety smooth Ecuadorian capa yields subtle hints of cocoa, coconut milk, dry fennel, green bell peppers, oak, and wheatgrass. The capa tastes of black peppercorns, chili peppers, coffee Cubano, nutmeg, thyme, vanilla beans, and white chocolate; on the pre-toast draw comes hints of mahogany, sea salt, and wheat. The draw itself is tight and effortless.

Additionally the capa has a slight sheen of oil to it.

From toasting come hints of caramel, espresso, ginger, hickory, marzipan, orange zests, tarragon, and wheat.

From the lit foot come hints of anise, butternut squash, chutney, fresh fennel, oak, oregano, and white peppercorns.

The salt & pepper-white ash is ringing slightly in one to three millimeter bands; the bone white smoke yields hints of alum, molasses, nutmeg, and thyme across the nose.

Approximately one inch in, some twenty minutes in on a slow draw, this Lancero is burning evenly which in and of itself is remarkable because while a small portion of the tabacaleras roll lancero’s seldom few are able to do them well.

The Lancero vitola is on par with a Perfecto as to the difficulty of rolling them, so as they burn properly and draw properly as well.

As per the draw and burn on this Temptation, I surmise that the filler was rolled utilizing the Entubado method.

The body of this cigar is mild-medium in nature regardless of the spicier notes, the strength is also mild in nature.

Here at the five inch mark, forty minutes in with a subtle shift in hints with apricots, 70% cacao, cinnamon, dill, mesquite, mustard seeds, paprika, ouzo, sea salt, and wheat.

Four inches in, an hour of smoke, burning at twenty minutes an inch; this vitola in the Temptation series, will last for well over two hours and afford ample flavor.

This vitola has a decent price-point of 7$ and smokes like a fifteen-twenty dollar cigar e.g. a Davidoff Millennium Lancero.

Courtesy of J&D Cigar Co.