From Studio Tobac, the underground of Oliva, Tobac which at one point and time was “run?” by the heralded Sam Leccia, developed a new mellower Cain, the Daytona\\\ with five faces; the quintessential 660, 654, and 550, in addition to a 646 Corona and the No.4 (a 543) Petit Corona. What makes the Daytona\\\ mellower has to do with its build starting with a Nicaraguan Habano Criollo capa, a Nicaraguan Viso binder, and straight Jalapa Valley Ligero filler. Today’s review covers the 646 Corona. The Daytona\\\ is dead medium bodied cigar, as well as a medium strength cigar too; as Jalapa Valley, Nicaraguan Ligeros are the mildest of the ligeros in all of Nicaragua.

The veiny Habano Criollo capa is very smooth with little to no tooth has hints across the nose of anise, 60% cacao, cinnamon, ginger, mesquite, molasses, orange zest, persimmons, sea salt, and white peppercorns; the capa tastes of currants, dill, hazelnuts, hickory, mahogany, and tangerines.

The toasted foot smells sweetly of caramel, coffee Cubano, currants, ground ginger root, ground mint leafs, nutmeg, oregano, and white chocolate.

The initial hints of Daytona\\\‘s lit foot yield flavors of apricots, black peppercorns, cashews, cedar, chutney, hickory, Madeira, mahogany, pomegranates, sea salt, and white chocolate; across my nose from cloud white smoke has hints of cocoa, hazelnuts, and mocha.

The evident ligero cone is present at the half inch mark, some ten minutes in; the salt & pepper ash is ringing in one millimeter bands.

This is definitely the middle of the road of the Cain series, as it’s mellower than the Habano and Maduro, and by far greatly subdued in due comparison to the Cain F.

At the five inch mark, some fifteen minutes in, and there’s an abundance of citrus and other hints consisting apricots, chamomile, cashews, cocoa, hazelnuts, green peppers, limes, oak, orange zest, ruby red grapefruit, sea salt, and white chocolates.

Studio Tobac’s got a real winner here, as it’s far from overpowering like the “F” is for many folks, nor the potency of Cain Habano or Maduro; which affords the opportunity for people with lighter palates to venture into the realm of the Cain world.

At the three inch mark some for fifty minute, and there hints of anise, cedar, curry powder, fresh fennel, mahogany, oak, sea salt, and thyme. There’s a unique aftertaste of cashews, lemon zests and red bell peppers.

The 646 can easily last around two hours.

Purchased as a box purchased from Davidus Cigars onRockville Pike 20852, for 136.23$ with tax (6%).