From Vodka magnate Victor Vitale of Hammer & Sickle, comes the La Habana Tradicion Serie which debuted during the 2009 IPCPR show. The vitola of this review is a 6.25″x52 Torpedo, adorned in an Ecuadorian seed Connecticut Shadegrown capa, with a Dominican proprietary binder and filler too.

The Torpedo is similar to a Round-to-Square/”Shark” with a standard rounded head, and a pronounced box pressed body and foot.

The capa tastes of apricots, fennel, hickory, jalapeños, mahogany, peat, tarragon, and sea salt; and smells of cocoa, espresso, manure, oak, and thyme.

The toasted foot smells richly of 60% cacao, espresso, ginger, mesquite, saffron, sea salt, and white chocolate.

Once lit, there are hints of asparagus, butter cream, cedar, chicory, currants, fresh fennel, mahogany, mesquite, oregano, paprika, peat, and white peppercorns.

The salt & pepper ash rings in one millimeter bands, the chalk white smoke smells of chili peppers and coffee Cubano.

I’ll be honest, for a mild cigar these are quite tasty, and similar to a combination of an Ashton Classic and Montecristo White, with a pinch of Avo Classic. They are mild-medium body and mild in strength. The LHTC’s are absolutely devoid of veins, exceptionally well rolled, and have the proper amount of elasticity.

Roughly three inches down, an hour in and there is hints of apricots, cumin, dill, lemon, Madeira, persimmon, sea salt, thyme, and white chocolate.

The La Habana Tradicion Serie all come in twenty count lead-crystal cigar boxes with the acid etched iconic hammer & sickle emblems that are vastly synonymous with the former Soviet Union and Hammer & Sickle Vodka; so in short, the cigars are quite exceptional, and so too is the packaging. With the torpedo lasting at least two and a half hours, prepare to sit back and enjoy your freedom.

A gift from my folks while they were at one of Corona Cigars’ brick and mortar stores in Orlando, Florida; between February 12th and March 1st. Soon to be carried at Davidus Cigars.