Ashton’s reintroduction of the San Cristobal line from its pre-boom days in the eighties was brought back in force under the tutelage of Jose Garcia. Ashton & Garcia brought the San Cristobal back at the, then RTDA show in 2007, as Nicaraguan puros, adorned with a triple cap across what is now eight faces, in twenty-two count boxes. Today’s review covers a Gaujiro from the initial commercial release in 2007; the Gaujiro is a 6.625″x46 Lonsdale bearing a pigtail.

The Nicaraguan Sun-grown Criollo capa smells sweetly of caramels, cashews, cinnamon, a demitasse of espresso, lentils, mesquite, oak, pomegranates, soybeans, and white peppercorns; the capa has a leathery texture to it, and what veins it possessed have been subtly stripped away.

The capa tastes of butter cream, cashews, cedar, cinnamon, coffee cubano, ginger, mocha, red pepper flakes, sea salt, tarragon, white peppercorns, and white chocolate. With a nine millimeter punch to the head, the draw is subtle and tight, but will yield once lit.

From the toasted foot cone savory hints of allspice, beef stock, chicken stock, curry powder, glass vermicelli, nutmeg, pemmican, sesame oil, and sugar cane.

Instead of the buffeting of peat and pepper like hints that one would experience from a current year SC, this nearly four-year old Lonsdale is rife with hints of black cherries, chili powder, cumin, dill, molasses, nutmeg, saffron, and white chocolate; with hints on my lips of cashews, clove, and vanilla extract.

The salt & pepper ash is ringing in uniform one millimeter bands; the cloud white smoke smells of anise, cocoa, and paprika, with an aftertaste of mesquite and madeira.

At the five inch mark, thirty minutes post lighting, there’s a subtle subdued ligero cone; subdued to the age and marrying of the tobaccos.

The Gaujiro has been drawing rather cool at the head, while being warm at the foot.

The once medium to full bodied and medium to full strength cigar, given roughly four years of age has become a mild end of the spectrum full bodied and medium strength cigar.

Two and five-eighths of an inch down and forty-five minutes post lighting are reined in with sweeter hints of butter toffee, crème caramel, cocoa, molasses, tangelos, and vanilla extract.

A properly aged cigar will always evolve into a briskly sweeter and stronger bodied cigar, while the sheer strength slowly dissipates over the years, and this Gaujiro is no exception to the rule. Thank you to the folks at Ashton and to Jose Garcia for reviving this once forgotten frontmark.

Purchased from Davidus in Potomac MD, 20854 (now located) on Rockville Pike, 20852 on 4/20/07; for 198$ before tax.