From David Blanco of Los Blancos, Headquartered in Chicago, as an original product co-developed by Joe Torres of C.I.G.A.R. in San Antonio, and after eight failed blends the Nine was born; as the ninth blend was the kicker. Rolled in Estelli, Nicaragua the Los Blancos Nine is a Nicaraguan puro boasting an Oscuro Corojo capa, and is considered a straight ligero cigar. The Nine comes in several faces, a Double Corona, Lancero, Robusto, Toro, and Torpedo. Today's review is the Toro and is 6"x52rg in stature.

The finely grained Corojo Oscuro capa smells richly of cashews, green bell peppers, mahogany, manure, molasses, and white peppercorns. The capa tastes of anise, cedar, currants, curry powder, nutmeg, red bell peppers, and sea salt.

Off of the toasted foot comes a wide array of palatable scents including alum, 60% cacao, caramel, cashews, coffee cubano, ginger, hickory, mocha, molasses, peat, tarragon, and white chocolate.

From the nine millimeter punch to the head, the draw is smooth yet tight, and hints of anise, apricots, 70% cacao, cedar, coffee cubano, fresh fennel, mesquite, oak, oregano, paprika, peat, and thyme. The egg shell white smoke smells dryly of fennel, molasses, and walnuts.

There's a subtle canoe on the foot, the salt & pepper ash rings in one to three millimeter bands, and is quite solid in consistency.

Granted that the Nine is a straight ligero blend, there’s a cone formation as per the ligero present. The "9" is a full bodied and full strength frontmark comparable to a Cain F, albeit weaker that Pete Johnson's fabled Tatuaje Thermonuclear (a true all ligero cigar, capa, binder, and filler (which I'd love to try at least twice)).

This offering by Los Blancos, is a slow burning cigar, ad I'm nearly an inch in and roughly forty minutes have passed. The initial hints remain intact, and garner a few additional flavors including but not limited to crème de cocoa, ground black peppercorns, hazelnuts, honey, mocha, and white chocolate.

Halfway through, at the three inch mark an hour and a half into the cigar; the Nine is practically a religious experience. Even more hints pile on with chicory, cumin, hickory, oregano, ouzo, and pomegranates.

The Toro can easily last upwards of three hours.

David Blancos and Joe Torres truly made a cigar that is a testament to an incredible sensory experience, meant solely for those who can handle the vastly powerful body and high nicotine levels; simply put the Nine is magnificent.

Purchased on 2/1/11 from by the box for 128.00$ before shipping, these arrived on 2/7/11.