The Padron Family Reserve #46th comes as the second annual ultra-premium release with a far limited production rate than their 1925 line. Released in the Fall of 2010, the Padron’s released the Family Reserve #46 in both a Sungrown Natural and Maduro capas (wrappers) both of them Nicaraguan in origin, in turn making these Nicaraguan puros; all of the tobacco in each 46th was aged for a minimum of ten years. The 46’s are dead on equal in size and stature to the 1926 #9 as they are both 5.2″x56rg. Much akin to the #45, the 46 too is triple banded, the primary Family Reserve Band, the staple anti-counterfeiting band, and the numeric relief band beneath those aforementioned two bands.

The finely grained maduro capa smells of bell peppers, cinnamon, cumin, dill, ginger, nutmeg, oak, and thyme. The draw by means of a 14mm punch is exceptionally easy, and tastes of caramel, ginger, horseradish, mahogany, peat, and tarragon.

Off of the toasted foot come hints of butter cream, caramel, cashews, coffee cubano, cocoa, ginger, hickory, lapsang souschong, nutmeg, ouzo, and sugar beets.

Off of the lit draw come hints of anise, burnt coffee, 100% cacao, curry powder, fennel, jalapeño peppers, oregano, peat, tarragon, and white peppercorns; a rather unrefined array of flavors, the prime antithesis of the #45.

The salt & pepper ash is relatively loose, and ringing in one to two millimeter bands. The grayish smoke smells of molasses and tonkin oil.

The #46 is medium-full in body and medium in strength; and pales in comparison to the #45, 40th & 80th Anniversaries and the 1926 series. This is the third #46 that I’ve had since their initial release, and I’ve yet to have a pleasurable smoke (not savory this go-round).

Roughly an hour and two and one-fifth inches down, and I’ve got borderline tongue bite, even on a slow draw; and with that I’m ending this review in extreme disappointment.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars on Rockville Pike, 20852; on 2/10/11 for 28.95$ before tax.