Gurkha's Ancient Reserve was a sleeper release in 2009, as well as an evolution of the well received Ancient Warrior line in that the Reserve frontmark exists as Nicaraguan puros. The wrapper appears to be a Nicaraguan grown Sumatra, additionally all of the tobaccos were aged twelve years prior to rolling; the Ancient Reserve was also created to replace the discontinued Master Select and Regent frontmarks. Touted as being medium-full bodied cigars, the Ancient Reserve comes in four faces a 7"x52rg Churchill, 5.5"x52rg Robusto, 6"x50rg Toro, and a 6.5"x52rg Torpedo.

The tawny rosado wrapper is incredibly smooth in texture, and smells subtly of cashews, chicory, cocoa, mesquite, and thyme; the wrapper tastes of butter, currants, hickory, kosher salt, licorice, mesquite, and paprika.

The draw is tight, yet effortless.

The toasted foot smells warmly of anise, 65% cacao, caramel, espresso, green peppers, mahogany, peat, sugar cane, and white chocolate.

After lighting, based On the degree of tingling on my tongue that this robusto is full in strength, and yielding initial hints of chicory, chutney, coffee cubano, cumin, dill, habanero pepper, hickory, mocha, oak, oregano, peat, and white peppercorns. In short, it starts out full bodied, as to whether it stays as such remains to be scene. The cloud white smoke smells sweetly of cashews, cedar, cocoa, fennel, mocha, sea salt, and thyme.

As seen in the photo above at the twenty minute mark, there is a subtle and yet noticeable canoe; the ash is solid and bares a salt & pepper complexion, and rings in one to two millimeter bands.

As indicated by the sharply pointed cone of the foot, there's a sufficient amount of ligero grade tobacco in the filler. Here, at thirty minutes and roughly an inch in, the foot's burn is leveling out gradually; and the ash is ringing now in one millimeter bands.

The body moves slightly toward the full end of the medium spectrum with hints of apricots, asparagus, cocoa, coffee cubano, fennel, hazelnuts, madeira, molasses, peat, sea salt, and white peppercorns.

Fifty minutes and two inches down, and decidingly enough the Ancient Reserve is as it has been touted to be, it is indeed medium-full body. And if you're going to participate in a long-ash contest, then this frontmark is the ideal choice as the ash is relatively rock hard... Pumice like, but hard and rigid nonetheless.

The body transitions from full to medium and back to full towards the latter portion (around the two and half inch mark) with hints much akin to the initial draw hints in addition to molasses and vanilla extract.

All in all, the Robusto face can last anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours, as per the blend of the A.R., this is a cigar that you really want to tame your time with. This is one of Gurkha's lines that are most certainly not for a novice savorer.

Received from John Tirpak the National Sales Manager of Gurkha Cigars as part of an event sampler which transpired on November 19th at Davidus Cigars 20852, 2010; though received due to extenuating circumstances on December 23rd.