The 1968 series is not only homage to the founding of Macanudo, but also marked the 40th anniversary of the legendary front mark founded by Ramon
Cifuentes; the Trompeta debuted in 2009 as the fifth size for this face. The
Trompeta is a 5″x42-60rg stout Piramide wrapped in an oily Honduran San Augustin maduro wrapper, the binder is a Connecticut Habano leaf, and the filler is a combination of Dominican tobaccos and Nicaragua’s Ometepe tobaccos. The 1968 line is touted to be the fullest body cigar to date out of all the other faces in Macanudo’s forty year history (though founded in 1968, the cigars actually hit the market starting in ’71).

The smooth toothed San Augustin wrapper smells of anise, bell peppers, 70% cacao, cedar, currants, espresso, fennel, hickory, mahogany, peat, and vanilla extract; and tastes of alum, cashews, chicory, cocoa, cumin, ginger, mesquite, molasses, ouzo, sea salt, and white peppercorns.

The toasted foot smells richly of butter cream, caramel, cocoa, coffee cubano, currants, earl grey, English toffee, fennel, oak, peat, sugar cane, and toasted walnuts.

The lit draw is smooth and moderate, yielding hints of alum, butternut squash, creme de cocoa, cracked black peppercorns, hickory, nutmeg, semi-sweet baking chocolate, tarragon, and vanilla beans.

The ash is solid, ringing in one millimeter bands with a salt & pepper complexion; the smoke is chalk white in color, and smells of jalapeños, peat, and thyme.

Thirty minutes in, roughly an inch in, with sporadic canoes; this stick burns otherwise on a relative even plane.

All in all, this Trompeta has been far more pleasant than the earlier 1968 Toro review, which was appalling at best.

Roughly three and seven/eighths of an inch remain at around forty minutes in, and the ash is quite sturdy; the hints from here vary with butter cream, cashews, espresso, mahogany, mesquite, oak, peat, rhubarb, and white chocolate.

The Ometepe tobaccos are most certainly noticeable with the earthy and potent aspects to the blend, and levy the touted full body as truth; the strength is medium to full.

A good solid hour and a half of savoring, around the two inch mark.

When all is said and told, I find the Trompeta to be the best of 1968 Anniversary frontmark. As the sole existing figurado amongst the 1968 line, it affords for a savoring time of roughly two hours.

Received as a gift on December 25th, 2010.