The Rocky Patel Brother’s Torpedo of 2009, wholly redefines what a Patel cigar can be, jointly developed by Nish & Rocky; yielding an interesting Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper from Lancaster County, a Nicaraguan binder, and Nicaraguan filler. The torpedo is a stout 6.25″x52rg; the blend to itself is touted as being medium-full in body, we’ll find out soon enough if it’s dead on, or more.

This fine grained Lancaster county wrapper smells of anise, currants, hazelnut, manure, paprika, and tarragon; boasts an effortless draw, and tastes of amaretto, cashews, cocoa, hickory, mesquite, peat, pomegranate, saffron, and white peppercorns.

The toasted foots smells of caramel, english toffee, espresso beans, mocha, sea salt, toasted challah, and white chocolate.

From the lit draw comes hints of anise, 60% cacao, cedar, coffee cubano, fennel, honey, mesquite, mocha, tarragon, and white peppercorns; the smoke is none white and the ash has the telltale signs of a well crafted cigar with the presence of a salt & pepper ash.

Albeit canoeing slightly, the ash is ringing in one millimeter bands.

The smoke is coming off the foot in bountiful plumes with each successive draw. The hints change up around the first inch in at the twenty minute mark; with flavors of caramel, cashews, cedar, currants, hickory, mahogany, madeira, ouzo, parsley, sea salt, and white chocolate.

A slight subdued cone of ligero presents from the recently tapped ash; the body is most certainly as it was touted to be at medium-full body, the strength is dead on medium.

Fifty minutes post-lighting and an inch and a quarter down; the cigar’s canoe has leveled out.

After the first two and a half inches, there’s little much development in body, leaving much to be desired; however, this can be greatly changed with age, much to the benefit of the cigar itself.

I surmise that if the binder had been a Costa Rican leaf, and a filler composed of Nicaraguan Ligero and Peruvian Seco and Viso tobaccos this would’ve been a wholly richer and fuller bodied cigar, with a strength profile of full. Them again it’s not my blend; though like I said with supple age, this cigar will marry well and matures into a completely different cigar over time.

Purchased from as part of a five pack for 15.00$ before shipping on 1/7/11, and arrived on 1/10/11.