Cinco Vegas Gold Nugget, is one of a resurrected faces that died off amidst the cigar boom of the nineties by Kiki Berger of World Cigars Inc., Esteli, Nicaragua; and brought back into fruition by Keith Meier of Meier & Dutch aka Cigars International in 2005 with the heralded “Classic” frontmark. 2006 brought into play Gold and Serie A frontmarks, the Gold offers up a mild body and strength profile, all the while being quite palatable to even the more developed savorer. The full gamut of Cinco Vegas are all rolled in their entirety down in Honduras; the Gold boasts a Connecticut shade wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder, and triple country filler comprised of Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan tobaccos; the Nugget itself is a petit corona at 4.5″x44rg.

The hastily rolled Nugget finished with a crudely made triple cap; the wrapper smells of asparagus, cedar, chicory, cumin, parsley, and white peppercorns, and bears in a semblance of color to that of goldenrod.

The wrapper tastes of black currants, celery, curry, jalapeño, mahogany, and rock salt; the draw is smooth and effortless.

The toasted foot smells of apple butter, apricots, cashews, orange peel, oregano, thyme, and white chocolate.

Off of the bat, the ash is salt and pepper in complexion, ringing in two millimeter bands and burning at an obscene rate, as though the wrapper were laced with black-powder.

The smoke is cloud white in color, and smells and tastes of alum, broccoli, celery, peat, persimmon, radishes, and zucchinis.

The Nugget itself offers little in regards of development, it’s mild in body and strength; aside from it’s crude appearance and hasty construction it does however, holds a good, and solid ash; roughly an inch in at ten minutes post-light.

Here at the center of the foot is a petite cone, indicative of ligero in the blend.

The Cinco Vegas Gold heralds in a redefining era for Candela cigars, as they lack the double claro presence of chlorophyll in the tobacco, and yet the wrapper is sufficiently vegetal in body; with relatively little to no development beyond that.

When all is said and done, the Gold Nugget affords for a quick and tasty smoke, too which even a vegan to omnivore could love.



Purchased as part of a five pack from for 9.00$ before shipping on 1/7/2011 and arrived on 1/10/2011.