The Liga Privada T52 Flying Pig, possesses a subtly milder blend than that of the standard T52’s, but is nonetheless a powerhouse cigar all the same. This is third special release from the LP frontmark, the first face being the LP9 Flying Pig, followed up by the second face the LP Unicos Dirty Rat. Much akin to the Liga Privada 9 Flying Pig, this piggy too is a perfecto grande as a 4″x 60rg.

The stalk-cut Connecticut Habano wrapper smells of black peppercorns, cinnamon, 60% cacao, figs, ginger, nutmeg, oak, paprika, and white chocolate. The grainy toothed, oily, waxy wrapper tastes of anise, apricots, cedar, espresso, mesquite, mocha, paprika, pomegranates, sea salt, and tarragon. The draw is subtly tight, yet smooth.

The toasted foot smells of caramel, chicory, coffee cubano, cumin, hickory, peat, and thyme.

The draw flavors from the initial lighting were extremely bitter, with fouled hints of burnt coffee, carbon, char, and habanero chilies. This is the first T52 FP that I’ve encountered with such a disappointing post start burn. The smoke too is quite unfavorable, smell wise; though, the smoke is bone white in color.

The ash at least is favorable as it rings in one millimeter bands; and is salt & pepper in complexion.

Roughly, a quarter of the way into this piggy the cruel and unusual flavors abate, and lay the way of a milder T52 blend with its joint Dominican and Nicaraguan filler, met with a Brazilian Mata Fina binder; the hints yielding now are anise, butter cream, caramel, fennel, hickory, molasses, oak, peat, thyme, and white peppercorns.

From a recently tapped foot a ligero cone with a central channel is made evident; a third of the way in, at approximately forty-five minutes, the smoke begins to smell of cashews, ouzo, and toasted hazelnuts.

This little pig has redeemed its lackluster start; hints of mocha, molasses, and sea salt are laden from the oils of the wrapper on my lips.

The chalk white smoke is billowing off of the foot in long wispy tendrils.

The T52 Flying Pig is medium-full in strength and full in body; which departs from the LP9 Flying Pig which was medium in both body and strength, and was far sweeter, but lacking the robust magnitude of the T52 frontmark.

Despite the harsh start, this pig and it ought remaining brethren out there out of the three thousand boxes in all released of this run not to be disregarded due to one off stick.

half way through at an hour and fifteen minutes... and the one photo spared by the iOS4+ camera orientation bug..

These piggies much akin to their LP9 brethren possess a burn time close to that of two hours, minimum.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars, 20852, on December 4th; for 12.95$ before tax.