It’s been quite a long while since I made any headway in this department; and today I saw myself going back to look for a cigar I had reviewed naught shortly after the site’s conception. And I saw in awe as to the mediocrity that I started with; sure I had a great number of hits (meager in the sum of all things) but hits none the less, though against the potential of quality.

More reviews (25+) = more hits = lower quality of output, whereas fewer reviews (4/5 a month) = very few hits = very high quality content; all being said I’ll stick with the latter, regardless though it’s comical to see the transition unfold in the short period of time that I’ve been testing and tempering my palette.


Regardless, I question whether or not I ought to go back and re-review past cigars that didn’t get the prompt and proper attention that I offer to current and recent reviews.


So on that note, I ask you the few, the readers and subscribers to the site as of late to comment on this topic on-site as to whether or not I should pursue this tangent; as well as comment on which cigar reviews that seem short and lackluster, too which I ought to focus on.