From La Tradicion Cubana in Miami, Florida; comes one of their unique figurados, "The Great Pyramid" with the dimensions of 8.5" by a ring gauge of 96 (nearly an inch and half wide foot). The blend consists of an Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapper, a Honduran binder, and joint filler composed of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. 

The wrapper smells primarily of cedar, secondary hints are apricots, cinnamon, cocoa, hickory, mahogany, paprika, and wheat. To the touch the wrapper has a subtle yet smooth tooth to it, and is lacking crude veins. The wrapper tastes of anise, cedar, cinnamon, jalapeño peppers, mesquite, oak, thyme, sea salt, and white chocolate. 

The toasted foot smells of butter cream, 70% cacao, cedar, cinnamon, curry, ginger, mesquite, nutmeg, peat, tarragon, and white peppercorns. 

When lit, the cigar starts out mild in body, with the smoke tasting of cedar, cracked black peppercorns, dill, fennel, leather, peat, and sea salt. The smoke is bone white in color, and the ash is salt & pepper in complexion. The smoke smells of cane sugar, cedar, cinnamon, cocoa, molasses, nutmeg, and wheat. 

The ash is ringing in one millimeter bands. Three quarters of an inch at twenty minutes in, the draw is impeccably smooth for this massive pyramid. That being said, due to the gross amount of tobacco used for this cigar, the ash is exceptionally solid. 

There's a massive cone of ligero on the recently tapped foot. An inch and a half in, at forty minutes, hints of butter, cashews, cedar, coffee cubano, licorice, oak, thyme, and vanilla. The body here falls at medium and the strength too. 

An hour in, with five and a half inches remaining, the cigar has canoed several times. At the five inch mark, an hour and fifteen minutes in the body picks up towards medium-full; with hints of anise, chicory, cracked black peppercorns, ground pepper, hickory, honey, mesquite, mocha, ouzo, paprika, tarragon, and white peppercorns. 

There's an aftertaste of espresso and pepper, an hour and a half in at four and half inches left; with at least another hour of savoring time remaining. 

This time consuming figurado offer much flavor, and fatigue. This is a venerable beast of a cigar that can only be surpassed by La Tradicion Cubana's "The Big One" which boasts the dimensions of 12"x 192rg (2.9" foot). 
Purchased from La Tradicion Cubana via on November 12th for 15.75$ before shipping.