Altadis’ newest creation the Warlock frontmark, the brainchild of Omar Ortez master blender for Altadis Mexican branch though produced in Nicaragua. The Warlock comes in five faces a Churchill 7×54, Corona 5.5×44, Belicoso 6×54 (today’s review), Robusto 4.75×54, Toro 6×54; the blend is composed of an Ecuadorian Cubano wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder, and a joint Dominican and Nicaraguan filler.

The Ecuadorian Cubano wrapper has a fine tooth to it, and has a milk chocolate brown color. It smells of chicory, cream, ginger, mesquite, and thyme; and tastes of butter cream, caramel, cinnamon, fennel, hickory, maple wood, and sea salt. The draw is quite effortless.

The toasted foot smells of apples, cedar, cinnamon, cream, ginger, hazelnut, peat, and white peppercorns.

When lit the flavors are rich with hints of bell peppers, butter cream, chicory, cocoa, espresso, hickory, jalapeño peppers, leather, mesquite, ouzo, paprika, sea salt, tarragon, thyme, white chocolate, and white peppercorns. The draw tightens up slightly; the ash has a subtle salt & pepper complexion. The smoke is bone white in color, and smells sweetly of cinnamon, cocoa, and vanilla beans.

The foot is burning with a sizable canoe.

Though the draw has tightened, the burn has some acceleration to it at forty minutes and four inches remaining. The ash is ringing in two to three millimeter bands and is quite solid.

The flavors at the four inch mark are actually rather bland with the occasional hint of apricots, butter, mocha, and thyme.

The canoe is slowly beginning to level out. And a subtle sharp cone of ligero is present.

At an hour and fifteen minutes and two and a half inches in, and the blandness has abated; hints of anise, cedar, chicory, copper, fennel, mesquite, oak, pomegranate, tarragon, and white peppercorns. The ash has begun to ring in one millimeter bands.

Omar Ortez has hit a home run with the Warlock, and has taken Altadis into a new realm.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars on Rockville Pike, MD on October 8th; for 7.85$ before tax.