Pete Johnson’s maneuver to make a high quality cigar without the super premium price came to reality with the production of the Ambos Mundos (Both Worlds) frontmark in 2009. There are two different wrappers one being an Ecuadorian Sumatra (today’s review) and the other being a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper; as well as two sizes a 5×50 robusto also known as No.1, and a 6×50 toro also known as No.2 (today’s review). Both the binder and filler is Nicaraguan in origin.



The Toro No.2 is well constructed, with subdued imperfections akin to a few bulging veins; triple capped in old Habana style. The wrapper is tanned leather in color, with the feel of velvet; and smelling of butter cream, cedar, cinnamon, cracked white peppercorns, coffee Cubano, ginger, nutmeg, and saffron.



The toasted foot yields hints of anise, chestnuts, cinnamon, hazelnuts, hickory, mahogany, peat, and white chocolate; the wrapper tastes of bell peppers, 67% cacao, chili peppers, espresso, hickory, jalapeños, mesquite, paprika, tarragon, and white peppercorns.



Off of the lit draw on a fresh palette it’s like a stick of dynamite went off, but it’s both sweet and spicy all at once. Tasting of anise, apricot, black peppercorns, butter cream, cedar, cocoa, espresso, fennel, ginger, hickory, mesquite, oak, peat, persimmon, sea salt, tarragon, white chocolate. The ash is solid, ringing in two millimeter bands with a salt & pepper complexion; the smoke is cloud white in color.



Thirty minutes and one inch in, the Ambos Mundos hold’s a good ash; and when tapped reveals a sizable cone of ligero. With each progressive draw, the flavors are consistent and less spicy than when the cigar was initially lit; with hints of butter cream, cedar, chicory, cocoa, hazelnut, hickory, leather, Madeira, oak, sugar cane, and vanilla extract.



An hour in at the three quarters and three inch mark, the smoke smells of chestnuts, jalapeños, and mocha.


The Ambos Mundos are truly the best of worlds, an incredible price point, as well as being a prime product of Pete Johnson & Jose Garcia.



Around the two and a half inch mark, approaching an hour and half in, and flavors shift towards heavy earthen hints of black peppercorns, cracked white peppercorns, leather, peat, and tarragon. The Sumatran AM’s are full bodied and full strength cigars, not for the weak of heart or palette; the No.2’s will last you a good two hours of flavorful savoring.





Purchased from Humidor Cigar World in Newport, RI on July 8th; for 6.00$ before tax.