The My Father series of cigars were blended for Jose Garcia by Jaime Garcia in commemoration for his father and his accolades in cigar-dom. Blended and rolled at the Garcia’s Tabacalera El Rey de los Habanos in Estelli, Nicaragua. The My Father line are adorned in an Ecuadorian Habano Rosado leaf, with Nicaraguan tobaccos making up the rest of the cigar, and culminating in a full bodied experience; and to top them off quite literally they’re triple capped in Cuban fashion. The “MF” today is the #2, the belicoso for the front mark; weighing in at 5.2×54. One additional note worth mentioning, revolves around the bunch, utilizing the Entubado style of creating the bunch; this method entails the rolling of each leaf into itself for each tobacco in the filler bunch tobaccos into tube-like parcels of tobacco, resulting in a smoother draw and cutting back on the chance of ending up with a plugged cigar.

The golden brown Ecuadorian Habano Rosado wrapper smells of anise, basil, 60% cacao, cedar, espresso, hickory, oregano, saffron, and wheat. The draw is rather easy and smooth; the wrapper itself tastes of anise, cedar, coffee Cubano, cumin, ginger, mesquite, tarragon, white peppercorns.

The toasted foot smells sweetly of butter cream, caramel, cedar, cocoa, ginger, ground espresso beans, mahogany, oak, peat, and toasted challah.

Once lit the vitola truly opens up with spicy hints of bell peppers, black peppercorns, cedar, coffee Cubano, cumin, curry powder, fennel, jalapeño peppers, vanilla extract, and white peppercorns; across the nose the smoke smells of anise, cocoa, hickory, leather, oak, and thyme. The ash is status quo (salt & pepper), ringing in one to two millimeter bands; the smoke on the exhale and from the foot is cloud white in color.

Approaching three quarters of an inch to an inch at the thirty minute mark, the peppery start has subsided a bit, yielding hints of caramel, espresso, green peppers, mahogany, mocha, peat, wheat, and white chocolate.

After tapping the ash off of the foot, this revealed an ember cone at the foot indicating the significant presence of ligero in the blend.

Around the four inch remaining mark, I’ve been slow drawing, four around an hour now and picking up on sweeter hints of butter, caramel, cream, licorice, Madeira, mocha, and sugar came. The burn at the foot has been consistently even, without the slightest presence of a canoe.

At the three inch mark, one hour and thirty minute mark the smoke passing my nose smells of cream, vanilla, and white chocolate.

The body most certainly is full, the strength too is full; the My Father front mark is not for everyone, but is for those who crave a full gamut cigar. Presented in twenty-three stick count dress boxes; this line marked Jaime Garcia’s triumphant entry into cigar-dom.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars on Rockville Pike on August 7th, 2010; for 12.15$ before tax.