The Mi Amor (My Love) is the newest happening (albeit two years in the making) for Ashton Cigars, and the most recent addition to the La Aroma de Cuba series by Jose Garcia; the fact that this front mark was jointly collaborated between the Ashton group and the Garcia’s may quite possibly redefine what a cigar can truly be for Ashton. Adorned in a succulent San Andres Morron wrapper, and composed of a Nicaraguan binder and all Nicaraguan filler and touted as being medium-full in body. The face in review today is the Belicoso, box-pressed much like the other faces in this offering; the Belicoso weighs in at 5.5×54.

The wrapper smells of cashews, cinnamon, espresso, manure, maple, white chocolate, and white peppercorns; the light toothed Morron wrapper tastes of apricot, basil, cedar, coffee Cubano, mesquite, mocha, and wheat. The draw is tight, however there’s ample give.

The toasted foot smells of butter, caramel, cinnamon, cocoa, fennel, ginger, hickory, mesquite, oregano, and toasted rye.

Upon lighting, the cigar’s smoke tastes of anise, 70% cacao, cumin, curry powder, garlic, ground espresso beans, mesquite, red clay, and thyme. The smoke off the draw and exhale is bone white in color, and across the nose the smoke smells of basil, leather, tarragon, sea salt, white chocolate; the ash is the standard salt & pepper complexion with a grainy texture, and rings in one to three millimeter bands.

Approaching three quarters of an inch and twenty minutes into the cigar, the flavors shift toward a sweet spectrum, with hints of butter cream, caramel, cocoa, espresso, pistachios, and thyme.

Approaching the three and one quarter inch and one hour mark, the ash begins to ring in one to two millimeter bands; with earthy hints of anise, butter nut squash, 77% cacao, coffee Cubano,  freshly dug earth, leather, mahogany, mesquite, oak, pemmican, tarragon, and thyme.

Given the three transitions in hints so far at the two and a half inch and hour and thirty minute mark, I’ve determined the body to be full, and the strength lies medium-full.

Without a doubt the Mi Amor is the best offering to come from Ashton since the VSG front mark; and surpasses any of the current La Aroma de Cuba front marks, including the Edicion Especiale.

Purchased in-person from in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on September 10th for 173.95$ (box).