Ernesto Padilla rolled out the Dominus line back in ’09 along with a sister blend named Cazadores, the Dominus is a unique blend composed solely of Nicaraguan Corojo tobaccos. What makes the blend more unique is that they all came from crops planted between Esteli and the Jalapa Valley back in 2006. The wrapper is relatively oily and reddish golden brown in color. The Dominus line has a limited distribution to only fifty retailers nationwide, and spans across seven faces with twenty-four sticks per box, with due exception to the Perla which comes thirty cigars to a box. The Churchill registers at 7×48, and is touted (the whole front mark) as being full bodied.

The wrapper smells sweetly of butter cream, cinnamon, cocoa, espresso, ginger, leather, mahogany, mesquite, sugar cane, and white chocolate; the wrapper tastes of cedar, chili pepper, fennel, leather, oak, and thyme. The draw is tight and smooth.

The toasted foot smells of anise, brown sugar, butter, caramel, cinnamon, ginger, hickory, sea salt, and tarragon.

Off of the lit draw come hints of anise, chutney, cumin, cracked black peppercorns, hickory, mesquite, mahogany, mocha, oak, oregano, thyme, and white chocolate. The supple smoke off of the foot and exhale is cloud white; the ash has a salt & pepper complexion and rings in two millimeter bands.

There’s a persistent canoe which varies the ashen foot from half an inch to an inch.

At an inch and a half and twenty minutes in, I’m picking up on bell peppers, chili peppers, jalapenos, mesquite, paprika, and tarragon.

Around the five inch and forty-five minute mark, the canoe continues to form, but fails to detract from this full bodied, medium strength cigar, with hints of alum, anise, chestnuts, coffee Cubano, cumin, hickory, Madeira, and mesquite.

Approaching the four inch mark at an hour and fifteen minutes in, and the burn has finally evened out. And the initial hints have come back into play.

The Dominus front mark cigars are wholly delicious, where as their sister Cazadores are good and also 100% corojo, but are neither not nearly as flavorful nor as high a quality cigar either.

The cigar has a pleasant aftertaste of espresso, fennel, oak, and white peppercorns. These are just delightful cigars.

Purchased from on July 21st, as part of a five-pack for 17.00$ before shipping.