2010 marked the seventy-fifth anniversary for the heralded Montecristo line; in 1935 the Montecristo lineage was born as a schism from the H. Upmann line originating in 1844. The 75th Anniversary came in six sizes, the limited edition Montecristo Museum, and five static faces a #2, #4, Churchill, Edmundo, and Lancero; the blend for the 75th Anniversary front mark is composed of an oily Ecuadorian Sungrown Habano wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder, a joint filler composed of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos, and weighs in at 7.5×40 with a triple cap and fuma head.

The wrapper smells of anise, brown sugar, chili peppers, cocoa, hickory, leather, molasses, oak, thyme, and wheat; the wrapper tastes of cedar, cilantro, cinnamon, cumin, mesquite, oregano, paprika, and white peppercorns. The draw is subtle and tight.

The toasted foot smells of caramel, coffee Cubano, ginger, hazelnut, mesquite, mocha, and tarragon.

Upon lighting the foot the cigar and smoke tastes of anise, butter, cracked black and white peppercorns, hickory, jalapeño peppers, oak, peat, sea salt, and white chocolate Ample bone white smoke , smelling of brown sugar, cumin, hickory, mocha, and wheat; yielding a salt and pepper ash banding in one to two millimeter bands.

I’ve found the “Lancero” not only to be the most flavorful, but the second strongest of the six, the first being the Museum; in other words the Lancero is full in both body and strength.

At the six inch mark and thirty minutes in, there are hints of anise, 75% cacao, espresso, mahogany, oregano, thyme, and white chocolate.

An hour in at the five inch mark, both the body and strength maintain the aforementioned full denotation. The ash is quite solid, and the stick generates ample amounts of smoke on the draw, and a few trappings of smoke while resting in between draws.

The prominent packaging of this front mark is in ten count tins of these vitolas, a few hundred incredible limited production three hundred count humidors, and several thousand mahogany twenty count sampler boxes.

At the four and a half inch mark at an hour and fifteen minutes, which indicates this that this stick has the potential to burn for two hours plus. Quite a good cigar, a well crafted long panatela, panatelas much akin to figurados are amongst the most difficult vitolas to roll.

Purchased from The Cigar Box Ltd. at Point Judith, RI on July 9th for 12.00$ before sales tax.