The Avo Heritage, the newest regular production front mark since the 787 which was the reincarnation of the LE-22. The Heritage line has four faces, a Churchill, Toro, Robusto, and Short Robusto. This blend would appear to be the recreation of the LE-09 Companero, as it possesses the exact same wrapper, albeit a darker Ecuadorian Sungrown Sumatra, the same Dominican binder, and a slightly modified filler with Peruvian tobaccos added in combination to the Dominican of the Companero, and weighs in at 4.75×50. The cigars themselves are show a subtle presence of veins, and relatively oily; taut and have a slight bit of give when pinched.

The dark mocha brown Sumatran wrapper smells of anise, clove, espresso, hickory, garlic, ginger, mesquite, paprika, sugar cane, and thyme. The wrapper tastes of 67% cacao, cedar, cracked white peppercorns, cumin, espresso, hickory, jalapeño pepper, leather, mahogany, paprika, and tarragon. The draw after a nine millimeter punch to the head is wholly effortless.

The toasted foot smells sweetly of butter cream, caramel, cinnamon, cocoa, coffee beans, ginger, Madeira, mesquite, mocha, and thyme.

Once lit the Robusto is laden with flavor and hints of anise, chive, clove, fennel, green pepper, leather, mocha, peat, saffron, and tarragon; the smoke smells of cocoa, espresso, thyme, and wheat.

The ash the 3/8’s of an inch mark band in one to two millimeter bands, and has a salt & pepper complexion and is solid and doesn’t flake off, the smoke on the exhale is chalk white in color. The vitola itself actually burns slowly despite the ease of the draw, and the inherently oily nature of the Ecuadorian Sungrown Sumatra leaf.

Near and around the three inch mark, the flavors take a subtle turn towards hints of butter, cashews, cocoa, hickory, oak, paprika, and white peppercorns. The body is most certainly on the full side, and so too is the strength.

I must say though I’m rather displeased to see that there are no figurados of any form in this front mark, just parejos; since both the Signature & 787 release both possessed at least one figurado.

Here at the two inch mark, the cigar has been burning for over an hour and a half, without a relight; it burns with an occasional canoe then levels out to even burn.

Suffice to say if you like Avo’s you’ll love the Heritage series. This front mark msrp’s ranging from 6.50-9.50$ depending on the face; making the Heritage’s the most bang for your buck Avo ever, even against the former holder of this status, the Signature series which was and still is the recreation of the LE-01.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars on Rockville Pike, 20852; on September 17th, for 7.75$ before tax.