Other than watching the occasional baseball, football, hockey game, etc.

The purpose of a lounge is the comradery amongst fellow aficionados, novice and expert alike; not a place to boast; however there’s always the commonplace for busting the proverbial ball or two, but this is all in good fun. Though sometimes there are those who may take a malicious turn, causing the innate harmony and peacefulness to turn into a heated and arduous conflict of insidious personalities butting heads.

As Brother and Sister’s of the Leaf, we must stride to just savor our cigars and take in the peace of mind that comes with the activity; and feign away from chaos much alike what I mentioned above. We must be considerate of others; otherwise what’s the purpose of a/the lounge. We too must feign from discussions of politics and religion simply because that’s tantamount to walking into a minefield, and what good does that do to a peaceful mindset? It rouses discontent, and puts a lurid cloud in the room; things get said that pretty much are beyond reproach.

The lounge affords the opportunity to develop friendships, thusly creating an ideal environment to acclimate to, and enjoy cigars at; those like minded are most assuredly bound to be adopted into the comradery known to many as a “regular”.