The Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary line marks the culmination of Rocky’s fifteen years in the industry, since his startup cigar front-mark Indian Tabac in 1995 amidst the cigar boom. This particular release is quite a unique blend consisting of an Ecuadorian Habano seed wrapper which borders on the appearance of a Connecticut Broadleaf, a proprietary Nicaraguan binder, as well as a proprietary all Nicaraguan filler. This particular stick is the Torpedo and weighs in at 6×52 (box pressed).

The wrapper itself smells of almonds, cinnamon, coriander, mesquite, molasses, and white peppercorns; the wrapper is smooth and oily, and bares very few veins. It’s a firm stick with ample give, and the gunmetal/nickel contrasted double bands greatly accentuate the depth and texture of the wrapper.

The wrapper tastes of anise, Cuban coffee, fennel, figs, leather, mesquite, pomegranates, and tarragon. The draw is smooth and quite effortless. The draw off of the pre-toasted cigar tastes of caramel, cashews, and wheat.

The toasted foot smells of caramel, cashews, cedar, cocoa, hickory, honey, licorice, mesquite, molasses, thyme, and vanilla.

The smoke is milky white in color and abundant while drawn, and smells of peppercorns and sugarcane; the ash rings in one to two millimeter bands with a dark salt and pepper complexion. There’s also a butter cream, Cuban coffee, and thistle after taste, all in all a rather pleasant after taste to have.

So far after fifteen minutes and three quarters of an inch in, I’d classify this as medium to full bodied and medium in strength.

At four remaining inches and forty minutes in with hints of butter, cinnamon, cream, hazelnut, hickory, and paprika.

Had to relight twice now, due to the oily nature of the tobaccos used in the blend; an hour in and roughly three inches remain and the body remains at a constant medium-full flavor. The 15th Anniversary canoes very little if ever, and on the off chance it does level itself out naturally.

I’ll be honest this quite literally is the best Rocky I’ve ever had, and I’ve already had one of these a few days earlier, plus I’ve got one sitting in a humidor. I could easily see myself buying a box or two of these, one to age, and the other to savor.

Just over an hour and ten minutes in and a hair over the two inch mark there are hints of cashews, cedar, cinnamon, cocoa, a demitasse of espresso, licorice, mesquite, thyme, and wheat. The body is extremely diverse, and highly palatable. It burns quickly due to the easy draw.

The 15th Anniversary series cigars are quite delectable blend and most assuredly worth trying at least once.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars on Rockville pike, 20852 Maryland on August 2nd; for 10.79$ before tax.