Over the past decade following the cigar boom of the late eighties and nineties, there’s been a feud brewing between enthusiasts over small and large ring gauged cigars. It’s time to shed a glimmer of light on the subject. The corona, lonsdale, and panatela had for many ages been the gauge and cigar of choice amongst men and women. But now in an age in which there are now gordo’s of all sizes, whether they are variants of churchill, robusto, toro, etcetera a feud has taken residence in the cigar world. The feud is over flavor, the body and reason we savor cigars; the push for 54+ ring gauged cigars for parejos and a variety of figurados arose from both consumers and tabaqueros alike. A guesstimate as to the number of tabacaleras that have inducted the gordo’s into at least one of their lines, amount to nearly all of the tabacaleras outside of Cuba and even some on the island. Regardless the feud is overwhelmingly mindless and mundane, a trained palette pick out even the most minute hints on either side of the line between the larger and lesser ring gauges, and even the untrained like cigars of all shapes and sizes, blends and body too.

Furthermore, not all gordo’s taste good and the same is easily said about panatela’s, the same can easily be said about the burning/savoring time especially in regards to a panatela due to the level of difficulty involved in rolling one (panatelas are essentially as difficult to roll as a diadema/perfecto/salomon). For instance a properly maintained Oliva Serie V Lancero (7.5×38) can be enjoyed for around two and a half hours, which is on par or better than some churchill’, double corona, or even an ‘A’. Then again a Nub Cameroon 466BPT can also last around two and half hours depending upon how it’s savored, so in short really cigars are an equal opportunity state of mind.