The triple infused Gurkha Royal Reserve torpedo is mild in strength and mild in body too; although sweet with its Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac infusion. This five year aged Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, Dominican binder and filler torpedo weighs in at 6.5×53. The predominant hint is the Louis Trés.

The ash is salt & pepper in complexion, and rings in pronounced two millimeter bands; the small amounts of smoke taken from the draw on the exhale are white in color. There are secondary hints of calvados, caramel, coriander, grapes, rosewater, and thyme; due to the innate nature of the infusion process and being tubed and sealed once the cigar is completed, the cigar canoes on occasion.

Interestingly enough the draw is quite cool, even while the cigar itself warms up. Since lighting twenty-five minutes have passed and one inch is marked by an inch of ash. Leaving approximately five inches of flavorful figured left.

The Royal Reserve is more of a celebration cigar than your ordinary every day stick as per its average price of 23$ and what it happens to be infused with. Although it’s a far cry cheaper than it’s gravely more expensive brother cigar, the HMR or His Majesty’s Reserve which is most expensive line amongst the Gurkha lines for 14,500-15,000$ (an individual HMR goes for 750.00$ at msrp) for a box of 20.

The burn rate accelerates after the four inch mark; at the moment I’ve got approximately two and a half inches of cigar left after an hour and twenty minutes in.

The Royal Reserve is the renamed Royal Salute line; this line is produced annually at approximately five hundred boxes.

By the time I finished the Royal, two hours in full had passed.