Final Blend is an exclusive cigar line for Famous Smoke in Pennsylvania; I acquired a box for a little over forty-four dollars on on May 6th, and thought I ought to do a review on this multiple country blend cigar. The line comes in three sizes a Robusto 5×50, a Toro 6×50, and a Churchill 7×50; the wrapper is a Brazilian Mata Fina Oscuro with a very fine tooth to it, and Indonesian binder, and a filler composed of Colombian, Dominican, and Indonesian tobaccos.

These sticks at least from a perspective of the wrapper, the Final Blend line resembles the CAO Sopranos from ’05-7 (from 2008 and on CAO changed the wrapper to a Brazilian Broadleaf Maduro with Rosado pigmentation to it) regarding the use of a Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper leaf; though for this stick it may be a lower priming due to the sheer lack of tooth; and the wrapper smells of hickory, mesquite, and mocha.

The draw is smooth and effortless, even with a double guillotine cut to the head reveals an immensely packed bunch, and yet it still yields an effortless draw; the pre-toast tastes of leather. The toasted foot smells of caramel, cedar, cinnamon, coriander, ground espresso beans, and hickory. The wrapper tastes of challah toast, hickory, and mesquite.

The ash is primarily chalk white in complexion and rings in two millimeter flaky bands, the smoke is bone white; and on the palette the cigar and smoke tastes of cedar, cocoa, earth, leather, mocha, and whipping cream. Off of the nose the smoke smells of anise, lambskin, and peat.

The staff at Famous Smoke claim that this is a full body cigar; I however find this to be a medium bodied cigar, and medium in strength.

Approximately thirty minutes and one inch in to this cigar, and the rings lining the ash are far more visible and has transitioned to a salt & pepper complexion. Although flaky in appearance, the ash however is quite solid. At this point off of the nose there are hints of Cuban coffee and vanilla beans; on the palette there are hints of 60% cacao, freshly brewed espresso, ginger, and tarragon.

An hour in and two inches down, and there’s a cone on the ashen foot, I’d venture a guess to say there’s some ligero in the blend; here at four inches left, off of the nose are hints of cracked black and white peppercorns, Cuban coffee, licorice, mesquite, and peat. And on the palette there are hints of cinnamon, cocoa, jalapeño peppers, and thyme. I’m going to have to recant my earlier call of this being a medium body cigar, it is most certainly full body. This cigar can burn for quite a while, approximately thirty minutes per inch, which in turn can provide at least two and half hours of savoring.

At two and three quarter inches remaining, I’m picking up hints of caramel, coffee grounds, cumin, dark chocolate, hickory, leather, mocha, and ouzo. From afar off of the nose the smoke gives rise to hints of butter, mahogany, and molasses. The full body of the Final Blend certainly runs across a full gamut of flavors and hints.

At the two hour mark and four inches in, a thirty degree canoe has developed on the foot.

The canoe has leveled out at an inch and a half, and the cigar itself is mildly warm to the touch. This has been an enjoyable review, do feel free to check out this truly unique cigar; thank you for reading.

On a box of Final Blend Toro’s sell for 84.99$ and come with a sampler of the series and free shipping for a nice box of twenty unique cigars.