There’s a common misconception amongst those who savor cigars, involving the confusion of strength and body, you rarely hear or read about both (unless you subscribe to this blog) many refer to the strength of a cigar as the adjective for the flavors in a cigar. This is not true, strength represents the degree and impact of the nicotine levels to a cigar, although strength has the same descriptive levels as body; which are mild, medium, and full. Strength really is different for each individual though due to how a person is wired at the neurochemical level, for instance with me, I’ve yet to come across a ‘single’ cigar that can put me under or feeling green (I say single because I’ve only felt flushed four times across eleven years of savoring cigars, in a multiple succession of ten or more cigars in a single day or sitting).

Now body is indicative of the flavors and intonations from the whole cigar, the wrapper, binder, and bunch; and like I mentioned above, body too is represented by the three categories mild, medium, and full. The higher the category, the greater the spectrum and array of flavors; mild body cigars tend to have more of a floral set of hints and flavors, medium is more in the earthy flavors and hints, while full can range the full gamut from mild to full, which tend to be associated with sharp spices and peppers, amongst many other descriptive hints.

I hope this clears up any confusion or questions you the reader may have when I bring up body and strength in my reviews.