The 787 (also the number of sticks in a box, and sticks per row in the box itself) is the recreated blend of the LE-22 which was the second of what is now ten limited edition blends and was released in 2002; moreover the 22 was extremely well received and most assuredly the most requested of the LE lineage. The 787 is also the second line to be brought back into regular production, the first being the LE-O1 which was an unbanded double corona which in turn is now the blend used for the Signature series. The 787 uses a tawny Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf as the wrapper, a Dominican binder, and various Dominican long filler tobaccos including an ample amount of Piloto Cubano. The Perfecto weighs in at 5.9×50 and bears complete resemblance with that of a diadema than that of a salomon.

The wrapper smells of basil and thyme, it tastes of alum salt, cedar, green peppers, hickory, mesquite, and mocha. The draw is completely effortless, and has a hint of wintergreen mint off of the pre-lit/toast draw.

Off of the toasted foot come hints of anise, butter cream, cedar, cocoa, lamb skin, and mocha.

From the lit draw in bilious white smoke, a unique array of hints on the palette consisting of cedar, coriander, leather, mocha, and whole espresso beans; with hints of cedar off of the nose. The ash is solid and flaky at the same time, of a salt & pepper complexion and ringing in two millimeter bands.

Thirty minutes an inch and a quarter in, and a partial canoe has taken up residence on the foot.

The 787 series wholly medium in body and in strength, it’s worth noting that the particular Ecuadorian leaf does have a significant scent of minerals to it and as such it may dissuade people from enjoying the unique bouquet of flavors and hints.

An hour later, three inches of the cigar remain, hints of cinnamon, cracked black and white peppercorns, French roast coffee, vanilla extract, and white chocolate. The smoke at this point smells of caramel and cedar.

At two inches and an hour in, hints of lime, mahogany, Madeira, oak, paprika, peat, and tarragon on the palette, and cashews on the nose. The aftertaste is dry with hints of leather and oak, but not bitter.
Any fan of Avo Uvezian’s cigars will love these too.