Produced on the behalf of musician Matt Booth founder of Room 101 Silver, men’s apparel and various other accessories; Christian Eiroa conspired with Booth to develop a line of cigars to go with the Room 101 lifestyle. All of the 101 front marks boast a Honduran Habano Semilia wrapper which is a toothy yet smooth, the binder is an undisclosed Honduran leaf, and the filler is a duplicitous combination of Dominican and Honduran long filler. The bodies of these sticks are supposed to be medium in nature; we’ll see just how potent a spectrum this stick is.

The Room 305 front mark is a robusto, and bares a darker Semilia leaf than the other front marks in the line.

The dark Semilia wrapper smells of anise, ground espresso beans, mahogany, mocha, and paprika. The wrapper is rapt with veins, however anyone whom favors Camacho cigars ought to be familiar with this; and as such, this is a good sight.

Cinnamon and cocoa on the pre-toast draw, and an effortless draw at that.
Off of the toasted foot are notes of burning cedar, Cuban coffee, licorice, oak, and thyme.

Off of the lit draw hints of cracked white peppercorns, 82% cacao, espresso, fennel, flax, mesquite, paprika, and whole black peppercorns. Ample white smoke on the exhale, smelling of chocolate truffles and freshly brewed espresso; the ash is a flaky, yet salt & pepper, ringing in two millimeter bands.

Canoe and a disconcerting tendency to put itself out; consistent with notes of butter cream on the palette, and yellow peppers on the nose. Roughly an inch in, and thirty minutes have passed since lighting; the aftertaste at this four inch mark is laden with cedar and cream

The burn on the foot levels out and a change of the hints on the palette abound with intonations of cacao, cracked black and white peppercorns, cocoa, hickory, mesquite, ouzo, and tarragon. An hour in and two and half inches in.

Ligero cone in the ash, thoroughly medium in body and strength, however it’s lacking dimensionality, much akin to Eiroa’s Sencillo line for Prometheus. Pepper towards the two inch mark on both the nose and palette.

Canoeing again, and more pepper, although this particular front mark is far more flavorful than the other front marks in the Room 101 line which I’ve noticed that they tend to taste like scorched earth. This 305 is a nice change of pace for a boutique blend

Purchased from Davidus Cigars on Rockville Pike, Maryland 20852; on June 7th 2010, for 7.99 before tax.