The Victorias is a 6 x 38 panatela, a Nicaraguan puro, the wrapper appears to be a sun grown rosado, smelling of cedar, coffee, earth, mocha, tarragon, and thyme.

The draw is somewhat tight, and the wrapper tastes of basil, cedar, cinnamon, clove, Cuban coffee, leather, and paprika.

The toasted foot smells of basil, caramel, jalapeño pepper, paprika, and toast.

The lit cigar tastes of butter, cream, Cuban coffee, leather, paprika, tarragon, and thyme; off the nose it smells of New England clam chowder (cream, not clear or red). The body is medium, the strength is full.

The salt and pepper ash rings in three millimeter bands, and gives off a milky white smoke. And the occasional hint of pepper and 70% cacao.

Fifty minutes in, and three and a quarter inches in.

Two and a half inches, an hour in; varying hints of chocolates and peppers. Cedar and toast off of the nose. At two inches this panatela canoes. Occasional hints of onion hit the palette at an inch and a half with hints of toffee and bell peppers on the nose, with subtle hints of chocolate truffles waft off of the smoke from afar. The Havana VI line is primarily of medium spectrum body and strength.

Purchased/Acquired on April 3rd of 2009 from for 97.50$ before shipping.