Developed by Jon Huber, CAO’s director of advertising took it upon himself to bring the Lx2 out of the Escaparate and out to the masses. This “Fortaleza Tres” a.k.a. Ligero, ligero times two in this case weighs in at 7.5 x 38 with a Nicaraguan Sungrown rosado wrapper, a Honduran seco binder, and a combination of Dominican and Nicaraguan ligero fillers. This particular long panatela was developed for one of the one thousand limited edition Lx2 humidors. Each came with twenty-eight cellophane long panatelas. The wrapper smells of cedar, earth, leather, manure, tarragon. The draw is quite tight, while the wrapper tastes of basil, cedar, cinnamon, and thyme.

The toasted foot smells of caramel, Cuban coffee, dark chocolate, flan, hickory, and whole vanilla beans.

Upon lighting the draw opens up slightly, and puts out occasional tufts of white smoke, and yields solid two millimeter band rings of salt and pepper ash. On the tongue the cigar tastes of coffee grounds, earth, leather, jalapeño pepper, and oak; off of the nose the smoke smells of mesquite.

There’s a noticeable aftertaste of sulfate and peanut shells. It’s a very dry smoking cigar, but quite pleasant on the nose, at seven inches the smoke smells of chocolate truffles and espresso.

Supposedly this is a full bodied and full strength cigar; I however find this to be more of medium spectrum cigar. Six and a quarter inches, an hour later, yes it’s a slow burning cigar (I’ve had ‘A’s that I’ve savored in under an hour).

Around a hair over five inches and the draw’s opened up a bit more and the flavor too has improved, with hints of cane sugar, caramel, Cuban coffee, French vanilla, and peppercorns. Thirty minutes later and I’m down to four and a half inches.

Three inches, two hours later, and hints of varying coffees arise on both the nose and tongue/palette.

Purchased from prior to January 22nd 2009 (the date upon which it had arrived) for 225$ w/ free shipping.